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    Nook Simple Touch Screen Freezing

    I am the digital sales lead at Barnes and Noble and have discovered that a number of our Simple Touch units are being returned because of screen lock-up issues. They all have the latest software updates. Any ideas?

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    You might take a quick scan through the e-ink support forum. I only remember one thread on screen freezing. I have the N2E, but an early unit, and have had no problems with freezing.

    Moving this to the e-ink support forum.

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    Wow, a B&N employee coming to us for tech support?

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    I came here to see if anyone else has been having this problem. I've had my Touch for only two weeks and it was working fine. About 2 days ago, the screen started freezing up and won't let me turn a page through the screen. I can use the side buttons, but not the screen. I've timed it the past two days and at about the 45 minute mark, the screen won't budge. Anyone else having this problem or suggestions on what to try? I've cleaned the screen but that hasn't helped. Thanks!

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    I seem to recall something about the battery? Take it out, put it back in, get a new one? Stuff like that. I know there have been reports of this happening and I think the end result is to return it and get a new one :P

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